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Pop up ads


What is a pop up? A "pop up ad", also known as a "pop up", is an advertisement in the form of a new browser window that appears automatically on a computer screen when some websites are visited and come in various sizes and shapes. Popup ads are part of the digital media mix. They are one form of internet advertising used to get online web users' attention in the vast universe of methods used to reach online consumers who are always busy browsing on the World Wide Web. In addition to attracting web traffic, these ads are also used to capture email addresses for future promotions. As of the year 2013, many websites had installed and opened thousands of pop up advertisements on their links and home pages.


Certain kinds of downloaded content such as images or free music can cause pop ups, which look like ordinary web pages and do not disrupt the page that is already open. For instance, if you are in the process of filling in a form and need some guidance, you can get that extra information without causing the loss of what has already been entered on the form.


Pop up advertising is used because it works, and that is why marketers keep asking for it. Such ads have the highest click-through rate of any online advertising method and are the most powerful. People see them and click on them, and that brings more visitors to websites and means more money for the site. Even if it is only for a split second before a window is closed, prospective customers will see a powerful and motivating ad. If they keep the ad open, they will hopefully interact with it.


Web advertising pops up in its own window when the prospective customer goes to a page. It obscures the web page that is trying to be read, so the person has to close the window or move it out of the way. These ads are known to be much more effective than banner ads. A banner ad may get two to five clicks per 1,000, but a pop up ad may average around 30 clicks. That makes advertisers more apt to pay the web site more for the latter ads, as much as four to 10 times more than they would pay for a banner ad.