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Offer for publisher

Subject of Offer


The subject of of the Offer is paid services provided by Popunder to publisher on conditions of the Offer, to ensure payment is made for transition of website visitors by placing links and banners on websites represented in Popunder system.


1. Network accepts any sites, except those who violate local legislation. 

The only condition is honest cooperation.

The system does not accept sites with Child porn and zoophilia. When detected, the account will be bocked with all balance.

2. Upon detection:

  • cheating
  • script modification
  • fraud clicks
  • selling SAP traffic or other similar systems
  • placing system code on hacked websites or sites without content

- account block with all balance without warning and forever. 

Appeals are not accepted.

3. In the case of explanation demands about traffic, partner is required to provide guest access to the detailed external statistics (Liveinternet or Google Analytics).
Lack of an adequate response within three days results in account block with all balance.

4. Furthermore, if the quality of the traffic is extremely low and brings zero income, thiscooperation may be terminated with refunds to advertisers.

5. If referral-account will be blocked, bonus funds that were received for this activity will be subtracted from the referrers current-account balance.
In case of referral account will be unblocked all income from his activities wil be returned to referrers balance.

6. Dispute can be started during 30 days after precedent. After this period, the decision will not be reconsidered.

7. Provided notice in three days, cooperation can be unilaterally terminated with any partner or rate at which the system acquires traffic can be changed.

8. Popunder not responsible for service outages, as well as for any loss of data due to technical reasons.

9. It's forbidden to be referral for yourself.

10. It's forbidden to set system's code through "Iframe".


Popunder traffic exchange Offer may be changed at any time without notice.