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Promo "10 years of success!"

At april 2, 2017, the ad network Popunder turned 10 years old!

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Popunder presents gifts to the most active partners in the history:

Publishers get automatic and urgent withdrawal of earned funds any day without commission for one year.

Advertisers get 10% discount from minimum price for ads for one year.

Gifts are presented to:

1) User 246380 - the advertiser who bought the most visitors for 10 years and got 1.14 billion clicks

2) User 115716 - the advertiser who spent the more money than anyone for 10 years and got 944 million visitors

3) id 378126 - publisher who sold more than anyone visitors for 10 years - 1.1 billion clicks

4) id 193717 - publisher who earned the most in 10 years by selling 469 million clicks

5) id 236827 - the advertiser who has more active referrals than anyone else in 10 years - 1324 partners

6) id 114523 - the advertiser who earned the most on referral program for 10 years by bringing 430 partners

7) id 194977 - publisher who got the more active referrals in 10 years than anyone - 6138 partners

8) id 76265 - publisher who earned the most from referrals for 10 years - he got 1417 partners

9) id 115716 - the advertiser who had active ad campaigns and was buying ads nonstop for longest period of time in 10 years - 1235 days in a row

10) id 71254 - publisher who sold traffic for the most days in a raw for 10 years (loyalty days) - 2532 consecutive days

Many thanks to all our partners for their cooperation - we have only good coming!

Let’s increase income together!

From April 3 till April 30, 2017 the promotion "10 years of success!" is announced!

Publishers and advertisers would get one point for every 10,000 sold or bought clicks during the promotion period and 10 points for every 1,000 sold or bought clicks - for banner formats.

10 partners with most points would get prizes:

1 place - $1000
2nd place - $500
3rd place - $300
4th place - $100
5th place - $100
6th place - $50
7th place - $50
8th place - $50
9th place - $50
10th place - $50


Run more banner campaigns, activate all formats for sale - get more points!


You can check in here your current position in the TOP - go to the top and win!


We wish everyone good luck and pleasant work with Popunder!

* In order bonus is credited to your account balance you should click on the bottom "Get prize"  on the TOP 10 page till 05/15/2017 inclusive.