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“Start now” competition!

There is a new profitable time ahead: autumn and winter 2017. Grow your efficiency in advance!  


From the 1st August to the 31st August Popunder advertising network invites you to participate in incredible competition: “Start now!


Our publishers and advertisers will get 1 point for each 10000 users bought or sold during the competition. 

10 of our partners, who managed to get maximum amount of points will receive fabulous prizes:

1 place: $1000
2 place: $500
3 place: $300
4 place: $100
5 place: $100
6 place: $50
7 place: $50
8 place: $50
9 place: $50
10 place: $50

Run new campaigns, cut unnecessary targetings off and activate your new sites and additional ad types – these are the ways to get more points!  

To see your position in TOP of participants visit the competition’ page.

We wish you good luck and efficient work with Popunder!